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i will give you another live look from the very quiet bay bridge toll plaza. that's where we are awaiting a news conference for how the
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closure went and what's going on right now along the eastern and western spans. we will take you live during this newscast as soon as it gets under way. hundreds of thousands of people make their way across the bridge on a daily basis. today was bitter sweet for some who made their way across the span for the last time. >> i am going to be sorry to see it going down. i love the views from the bridge and seeing the other go up. >> taking a look around, i guess we will never see that angle again. i should have taken a few more glances at the water. >> some commuters are planning to take time off to avoid the detailers. they want to give it a day to make sure it didn't have any safety problems. giving you a live look from the emeryville camera. they are looking at the traffic that approaches here. traffic onnure yo right is normally where drivers would head towards the toll plaza. it's barricaded and nobody is
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going that way at all. traffic being forced on to 580 and 680. looking at the san francisco skyway, it's dark out there because there really no cars to speak of on the bridge. you see a little bit of movement there. all the cars are being detoured off the bridge at fourth street. they are not allowed on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. public transportation systems are stepping up service. part bart will ob a 24-hour schedule with longer trains and the frequency of service. they will be adding buses in west oakland, mac arthur and north berkeley. go to abc 7 and you will find links to the local transit agencies and the different plans they have in place. you can see how close the new bay bridge is to opening.
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abc 7, you will find it on see it on tv. we have information on how to download the traffic ap to help you navigate the traffic in the bridge close are and the morning news team will be here tomorrow at 4:00 to show you the traffic hot spots. we will notify the twitter followers as soon as they are available. now for the latest on the giant wildfire burning in and around yosemite national park that scorched more than 300 square miles, larger than the combined square miles. it is now 30% contained with 4500 firefighters battling this blaze. we want to show you a perspective from high above with the california air national guard unit stationed at moffett field. they are helping with water drops ands have video provided by them. the helicopters have been dumping 500 gallons of water on
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the fire below. the unit has done more than 400 drops since they were called in to help out about days ago. take a look at this image of the rim fire from nasa. you can see how far the smoke has spread, well into nevada. there concerns there in the tahoe area about air quality. san francisco public utilities commission said the water supply is still unaffected by the fire. the water supplies 2.6 million customers in san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and alameda counties. they are working to repair the facilities that were damaged boo the fire last week. meantime homeowners were coping with the aftermath of a fast moving fire that damaged or destroyed 15 homes. we show you what it looks like before firefighters managed to knock down the flame last night. laura anthony has the latest from fairfield.
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>> it's all smaller getting home where he shared his home with his daughter, girlfriend, and mother. he is devastated that it's a complete loss. >> i was hoping that, you know, the roof fell on top of my bed and my bed fell on my guitars that were in cases. i picked up my guitars. >> this is what the fire looked like from sky 7 hd. several homes fully involved. 15 homes in all were damaged including five left uninhabitable. >> i feel very blessed and fortunate. >> shirley lives next door to a home that was gutted. hers is just steps away hostly unscathed. firefighters even rescued a dog. >> i feel for the ones next door. they lost everything. >> some think a strip of tall
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grasses by the homes is to blame for the spread of the fire. they believe the city was responsible for maintaining it. >> we received that from several folks. we are going to provide the answer, but we want to make sure it's accurate. we are in the process of tomorrowing who is responsible. >> they are trying to determine the cause of the fire. they know it started next to interstate 80 and don't know the exact source. it could have been something as simple as a spark or discarded cigarette from a passing car. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> horrible to see the damage there. still to come, smem rating the march on washington and how close we are to realizing dr. king's dream. the popular drugstore making accusations of overcharging customers. >> we have the weekend coming up. what will the weather be like? find out in my forecast coming up.
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>> taking a live look right now at the bay bridge. it is closed. this is the camera at yerba buena. the only thing on there is construction crews. abc 7 news continues. we will have more on the impact
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>> i want to take you out to the bay bridge toll plaza where they are speaking about how the shut down went tonight. let's listen. >> we want to get the work done as efficiently as possible. we get drivers on the span as quickly as possible. the number of workers that ebb and flow. we can see the workers. -- >> we apologize for the audio here. we are using the technology to bring that to you and obviously having issues with that. we know from caltrans that the closure went just fine with no problems to report. they are trying to get the work done as quickly as possible. >> in 1963, hundreds of
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thousands marched on washington for equality and freedom in the civil rights movement. here's a look at what it looks like then and today. the crowds gathered around the reflecting pool 50 years later. they celebrate remarkable progress. news reporter bradley was there. >> let freedom ring. >> half a century later on the same spot where dr. martin luther king delivered the speech, his daughter couldn't help but see who was there with him. >> today we have been honored to have three presidents of the united states. 50 years ago the president did not attend. >> now the president is an african-american. >> because of a march, america became more free and more fair. america changed for you and for me. >> moments before the president spoke, bells rang out across the u.s. to commemorate the moment
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in 1963 when dr. king uttered the famous phrase. >> as the bells tolled today, let us reflect on the bravery, let us reflect on the sacrifice of those who stood up for freedom. >> among the thousands in washington, payne was there 50 years ago as well. the detroit woman who wassas a child seen in the iconic 1963 photo reflethed on both of them. >> why was it important to be here in. >> my mother brought me. if we are going to continue to make a change, we have to be a part of that change. >> the thousands who came here battled humidity, rain, and long security lines. they stayed to honor the freedom fighters of 50 years ago. abc news, the lincoln memorial. >> we want to take you to the bay bridge toll plaza. let's try to listen again. >> from the toll booth to the metering lights, they will be
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branding from two to six inches. in that space between the toll booth and the metering lights, they have to put in a new drainage system. we don't want flooding. from the metering lights on to the bridge, it will be not much more than that. similarly on the eastbound deck. i think within the next couple of hours, we will see asphalt showing up. we hoped that our signal would hold strong, but unfortunately we did lose them again. work is under way right now and we can expect to see the asphalt trucks showing up this evening. we will keep you posted on the progress. this seemed to go off without a hitch. the closure by 8:00, it was shut down. >> you will pay attention and
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put it out there and they got their act together. >> the one thing we are noticing. it's the fog and it's thick in so many places. >> more widespread and it's thicker in some areas. be on the look out for reduced visibility. here's a look at live doppler hd. hard to see here where the fog ends. certainly the stack up against the coastline. some of it now is pushing out over the bay locally. that will spread in the overnight hours. high view from the roof tops. you can see the mist and haze in the air, the thinner fog begins to push in. the temperature readings are 65 in san francisco and oakland is 70 and redwood city is 67 in los gatos and 63 in half moon bay. at the golden gate bridge, it's foggy. santa rosa 64. novato and napa.
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70 in concord and livermore. live news from the exploratorium. a little bit of thin fog. it will be foggy in areas especially where the coast and bay is. mild to warm tomorrow and friday and we will have two days over the weekend into monday. headed for the pacific northwest. missing the bay area in terms of producing showers. let's start the forecast animation so we can see where these showers are heading. through oregon and washington. not into california and into the bay area. a little change around the bay area and our weather conditions will be going into tomorrow and friday. let's look at the fire forecast. in the sierra in yosemite, stunning tomorrow and a slight chance of isolated afternoon thunderstorms. we are hoping it it will not be
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thunderstorms. that will turn to most fires. a slight chance. 25 miles per hour and it will be warm over most of that. back in the bay area, fog pushing inland overnight. it will be mild and low temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow it will be warm again. sunny skies and highs around 80. 81 for san jose. on the peninsula. mild and warm at 76. mild on the coast. 64 in pacifica and 68 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco will almost reach 70. we are projecting a high of 69. up in the north bay, look for highs of 83 at santa rosa and sonoma. napa on the east bay. hope it will top out at about 74. 76 in hayward. sfefb 77 in newark.
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antioch 87 and pitsburg and livermore. here's the seven-day forecast. we will wind down on a warm note with inland highs friday in the low 90s. the weekend will cool down and in fact saturday through minute inland highs in the 80s. it will be pleasant and mild. mild coming up, just not as warm as you might expect for labor day weekend. >> even if you look outside the ferry building, it's shrouded in fog here. >> it is. not very dense yet, but visible. you might even need your windshield wipers. >> by tomorrow will this be lingering? >> by 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning, it will be warming up. >> thank you, spencer.
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still to come, new allegations that walgreens has been overcharging thousands of
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>> there growing allegations that thousands of walgreens stores have been overchanging consumers. rebecca jarvis has more on the investigation. >> filed by the attorney general, walgreens has consistently and systematically displayed inaccurate sales tags and used misleading or confusing store signs. >> author level of deception is inexcusable.
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>> investigators found one in five items rang up higher than advertised. muscle milk advertised for $6.99 rang up $8.99. lipton tea cost double and oreo cookies not a deal at the register. a single package rang up for $4.19. >> you look for sale items and be sure you got the deal they promised. >> they didn't promise, but they said we were disappointed and disagreed with the comments. oods n it's not the first time they faced charges of inaccurate charges. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> rows of colorful bicycles are popping up.
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crews have been putting out green and blue bikes ahead of tomorrow's launch in the bike share programs. docking stations have been installed and redwood city, mountain view and palo alto. in all about 700 bikes will be available to rent 24 hours a day. the system goes live tomorrow. the bay bridge is now closed. so what's next? what crews will be doing over the next five days. the impact the closure will have on commuters and bay area businesses. for styrofoam containers and now milk? why many are calling one south bay city
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♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv. >> we want to take you back
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live. this is the bay bridge toll plaza looking different tonight. those are a bunch of construction crews right there on the roadway. normally you see traffic going into the city, but the bridge is now closed for the next five days. there no cars on it. have not been since 9:00 this evening. officials from caltrans tell us that everything is going as planned so far. the work is under way tonight. this is the view from the yerba but 18 camera on the bridge. crews are working around the clock through labor day. they get ready for opening day on tuesday. >> 6,000 truck loads of as fault will travel down i-80 during peak hours. >> the asphalt has to be
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diverted through 880. only during peak hours will they be on the 580 route. >> the roots are expected to be congested and they the be monitoring traffic. they can reroute the trucks if necessary. >> that's to give the people on the ground eyes in the sky to help them do their job as efficiently as possible. >> the first order of business is demolition. crews will be carrying up the old approach and driving away the pavement to make way from the toll plaza to the span. >> that i have to grind a path and have a level on to the new bridge and doing the same with the tunnel. it's demolition and grinding. >> birds are nesting on the old bridge. they were built in place. >> they put the platforms underneath to entice them over to make their home on the new bridge. >> caltrans said the new bridge
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is open for the birds. on tuesday they expect it to be open for cars. in pleasanton, alan wong, abc 7 news. >> bart will help out a lot during the bay bridge closure. trains are running 24 hours around the clock starting tonight through labor day. this evening trains were still very crowded well past evening rush hour. bart commuters expect them to be much more crowded with performs who may not be used to taking the train. they will be patient with the high profile closure. >> are no one how you can live here and not know the brim was going to be closed. the radio & signs everywhere. i felt pretty informed. >> there will be no overnight bart service from late monday to early tuesday. it will be shut down for routine maintenance. now that caroline tyler has a
9:32 pm
look at how the closer will affect people needing to get across the bay. >> a financial haircut is in store for louie lopez, the barber at the hotel in san francisco's union square. some long time customers canceled appointments because of the closure. >> i don't cut hair, i'm not making money. >> the chamber of commerce hopes not many businesses will be heart. larger ones prepared. >> notice has been given and plans have been made and bart will extend their service. >> it am cans down. >> no jitters for reyes. he's a wedding planner and as you see from the pictures he gave us, treasure island nuptials are a specialty and they are setting up for a sunday that was planned months ago. >> i think if i were the bride and the groom, i would have
9:33 pm
screamed. >> it's always the first reaction. >> caltrans to the rescue. passes to treasure island from san francisco for the wedding party. >> it actually has not been as stressful as people think. >> they are looking at millbrae. the art and wine festival is this weekend. with the bridge off limits, locals will stick close to home and there will be shuttles from the bart station to downtown. >> whenever the bridge has been closed, we have seen an influx of attendees get a lot of feedback from the vendors saying it's a godsend. >> who knows how it will be. the a's home stand and the sausalito art festival and all the other events. good luck. abc 7 news. >> good luck. we will need it. stay with us for live coverage throughout the next 5 1/2 days. we will bring you daily
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briefings from caltrans. 4:30 during the shut down. we will be live at throw:00 for the chain cutting ceremony and breaking updates on twitter. the morning news team begins a half hour early at 4:00. they will be here to cover everything for you. the bay bridge closure comes as millions are hitting the road for the last long weekend of summer. according to aaa, labor day is expected to be at the highest since the recession. they will be taking a trip of at least 50 miles away from home. the busiest days are typically friday and monday. governor brown is dismissing a proposal that would settle a lawsuit. democrats want the governor to north an agreement to extend the prison reduction deadline by three years. the state could be forced to free thousands by the end of this year. the governor wants the
9:35 pm
legislature to pass the proposal and spend $315 million to lease empty cells and private prisons and county jails. there was a push at the state capital to focus on cleaning up the air. only in certain neighborhoods. the news capital correspondent reports it's not that they don't care about the quality of air. everywhere is just believes the air is in some neighborhoods is some worse than others. >> the air is affecting our health. >> olga of los angeles county said she develops chronic bronxitis by simply living near freeways and companies that pollute. she thinks the low income communities are located there on purpose. >> they think we don't have the money or resources. >> yes, we can. yes, we can. >> it's what they call california's toxic hot spot
9:36 pm
urging for environmental justice and they're focusing on proposals that give them greater access to information about the polluters. they use the money for option called cap and trade to transform neighborhoods into healthier ones. >> this is truly a matter of justice. school kids should have healthy air to breathe on the playground. families should have decent water to drink. >> california has the toughest environmental laws in the country. they should consider fewer regulations. the foundations are opposed to send spending the cap and trade money and claim money that businesses pay in exchange for emitting grown house gases is illegal. >> that should be taken into account. ensuring what they have got is legal revenue probably before
9:37 pm
they get too engaged in spending it. >> they would present to us. abc 7 news. >> coming up next, getting rid of fattening drinks. the plan to ban soda, even milk. what san jose city officials úo
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. >> a major development overnight in fairfield. >> a san jose city council commit he had a proposal to ban
9:41 pm
sugary drinks and even milk. vick lee has the story. >> yesterday the foot containers were history when the city council voted to ban styrofoam from restaurants. today the debate was on banning sugary drinks and even whole milk from certain city facilities. some are calling the city ban jose. are. >> what next? do we ban red meat because it leads to heart disease. >> the author of the proposal. >> certainly in terms of dealing with juvenile diabetes and obesity, there a lot of roles the government can play. >> aside from whole milk, the fattening drinks are sodas and sports drink with a the lo of sweeteners and flavored waters and sugary fruit juices. the councilman said he was targeting vending machines in libraries and community centers. most didn't like the idea at the
9:42 pm
shark ice skating rink. >> i really do enjoy sports drinks like gatorade and chocolate milk makes a great snack too. >> here at the park and zoo, they had strong opinions. >> i don't get a fill on soft drinks, but they should have juice. >> opponents going to the zoo as a model for resolving the controversy. it partners with kaiser hospital to offer healthy choices. >> they are focusing on a variety of choices here. >> the display of soft drinking has been replaced with bottled waters and grab and go carts are filled with nuts and berry snacks. late this afternoon the proposal was killed in committee. maybe now the city will lose its rep as ban jose. in san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> up next, looking back at the good old days of the bay bridge and many are feeling nostalgic. days after miley cyrus's
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with all the fanfare about the new bay bridge, there is a little sadness about the shut down and the original eastern span. you are looking at the empty bridge this evening. abc 7 news found bay area natives taking final pictures of the bridge and saying goodbye. >> emeryville waterfront is always a nice view. since everyone here is taking
9:47 pm
pictures of one thing. >> i have been taking the bridge for many years. it's kind of sad. >> next to the new one, on the brink of taking place. >> it's been a part of my life. >> you to be posted videos like this one, documenting the final drive before it closes forever. >> the last time to drive on the span is the last chance to see this view of it with cars still it on it. a small crowd gathered with cameras. >> i will miss that 1930s tressell style, good old american workmanship. >> back in the day it was state-of-the-art. >> lon of the longest spans supported by the deepest under water pier. >> my grandfather helped to work on it.
9:48 pm
>> nick even saves his toll receipt as a souvenir. >> after the earthquake it's got to go. >> an entire section of the bay bridge has been lost. >> in 1989, o'connor's daughter was not born yet, but she is nostalgic about the bridge. >> i have memories on it. >> by driven you mean ridden as a passenger. >> yes. >> just making sure. >> some folks are hoping for something more tangible. >> i am looking forward to getting a piece of this bay bridge. i'm on it. >> it will be months before they dismantle the old span. now is as good of a time as any to say goodbye. abc 7 news. >> take a look. this story is selling a t-shirt featuring the section which will of course soon be demolished.
9:49 pm
they work with an oakland artist to come up with the design. they increased with the closure and they have featured the new eastern span. let's get a last check of the weather. >> okay. it's getting foggier as we speak. let's look at the live doppler near the coast pushing inland. statewide tomorrow and maybe sures around eureka and the interior sections and up to about 100 in from tez no. here in the bay area, afternoon sun and highs in the mid- to upper 60s on the coast. 70 to 80 around the bay. here's the seven-day forecast. friday will be warmer than tomorrow and highs in the low 90s and cool down several degrees. high temperatures in the mid 80
9:50 pm
said and 70s through monday. low 60s on the coast. >> just not quite as warm as usual. okay. selfie is among the new word added to the online dekzary. the self portrait usually taken with a smart phone. twerking is the hip hop dance performed by miley cyrus during the music awards. girl crush made the list. an intense admiration felt by girl or woman for another. digital detox is when you take time off from social media and other electronic advices. a short version of the word seriously is also in the dictionary. that is ridiculous. . >> lol. they will put that in also? >> are it might already be there. >> this sports thing, i have to give credit to my daughter.
9:51 pm
i'm so proud. when you learn from the masters. >> if they taught you that. it's all in the family. >> it's the judgy nettic thing. show you during the break. the a's had scoring runs. should i continue with the sports? tonight not a problem offensively. ♪
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>> coming up on the news at 11:00, forget the toll plaza or the nasty nimitz, the bay brim shut down is about to create a new array of problems. what they are and how to avoid them. take a look at this shark. what makes it so special? we will show you more tonight at
9:55 pm
11:00. right now larry is here with a look at sports. >> just regular sports? >> whatever you ant. >> you are familiar with it. >> we saw miley in action. >> you are done on this. >> i have been online television. on the way for the a's down the stretch. the pitcher activated after missing four months for the stretch. kurt suzuki, the maui boy rejoining the a's and singled off derek martin. the a's with a 2-0 lead. he lost. run and four strike outs and a's leading 4-1 in the fifth. you picked things up for 2-5 and 5-1, a's. the floodgates open up. 21 hits tie the season high. he had four of them. the two-run homer.
9:56 pm
number 24 comes to two runs off 14-1. i mentioned anderson coming out of the penn and allowing three runs. the a's tie a season high as well as the hit total. 2 1/2 bats at the west. texas won the rangers completing a three-game sweep. the mariners's felix hernandez with a hit borage. the chance of saving a beauty. eight earned runs on 11 hits. they save 2 1/2 up. giants with the 1-1 game. the rockies had their league
9:57 pm
with the inning was over. they struck out nine at-bats and had a no hitter going. showing 22 no-nos. that was a jinx. after 6 and 2/3, the giants almost came back for the pin. for the eighth and made it 5-4. the rockies rolled on with the victory. the heisman trophy riner had an eventful off season. he got in trouble on twitter and has been thrown out of parties. kind of a knuckle head kid. they suspended him for one half of a game. the season opener. they threw the book at him. john issy football put a&m into the national spotlight. the oddo graphed signing sessions.
9:58 pm
the n krrks arks arcaa and they evidence he was paid. he should have known better. he will sit out 30 minutes of the season opener. speaking of which it starts for us on saturday. the first condition of lessons after the game. we will have the entire day in sports starting roughly around 8:30 following georgia and clem on abc 7. you might argue that missy franklin is the most high profile recruit in cal history. she will start classes tomorrow and will be a member of the swim team. the most celebrated american at last year's olympic games. four gold medals and five times the world championships. she is ready if are school and if you can imagine, ready to swim faster. >> i was 24ri8ed at the results. a lot of room for improvement,
9:59 pm
that's why i'm here. i know they will help me so much with that and the team will help me so much with that. it's exciting to see and ready for new training. this was a part of a pace that will work well for all of us. >> she has positive energy. track down the hall of famer today in san francisco at approximated row's cantina. teaming up with intel to promote technology and the connection with fantasy football. she was asking about the 49ers's receivers this year. 245i have to be able to get it done because they have the possession guys that move the chains in front of davis and if you are a defensive coordinator, they will take him away so the other guys don't have to get it done. >> the 49ers are facing a good young receiving potential. we will see that coming along. >> that was fun to watch. >> this was working. >> this was working. good evening
10:00 pm
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